Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What's on Mike's Worktable?

Three bottles of glue. The CA Krazy Glue for metal and resin bits. Model Master glue for plastic glues all my models together, great stuff, and the ability to put tiny amounts of glue in a particular spot makes a big difference in building models. The clear makes great windshields. The older Roco don't often come with them and this is a good substitute. It is a super-gap filling glue.

Model Master paints, terrific coverage. Gunze Sanyo water soluble paints.

Tamya paints, great colors, and they last a long time. The Smoke is good for weathering areas that have been burned. The Testors Silver is an old standby. Very thick, great coverage.

Bestine prepares surfaces to be glued. I use it on metal and resin mostly when I intend to superglue parts together. Get it at art supply stores.

The Rustall system. It will "rust" any surface. The a little backwash and some Dead Flat finish the effect. These are the products I used to make the Tiger II knocked out vehicle.

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