Sunday, December 20, 2009

Caesar Panzergrenadiers II

Caesar Miniatures new Panzergrenadiers II is in stores just now. They are one part 1/72nd scale soft plastic figures and are as fantastic as all the other Caesar sets have been. This kneeling soldier is one of these new troops.

This soldier is placing a magnetic mine on the side of a tank.

Soldiers had to be very brave to get this close to stop a tank. This is why you fire your machine guns at tanks. Kill off the infantry riding the tanks. Force the tank crews to button up the hatches.

Another anti-tank weapon wielding soldier.

This soldier is throwing a grenade and holding a machine pistol. It is a similar pose to Panzergrenadiers I, but that figure had a rifle. This set is great and complements the Panzergrenadiers I set very well. More photos over the next few days.


Karcuss said...

These look good
add to my other's and the Pegasus
Pea pattern and Italian and feld grau variations will give me a great mix of platoons.

cheers karcuss

Bunkermeister said...

These should paint up really well.