Thursday, December 17, 2009

Roco Tiger II

My friend Randy of Fidelis Models gave me a small box of old, worn out Roco. This Tiger II was in the box. It is actually two different Tiger II tanks. The first one had extensive heat damage to the turret and the second had heat damage to the hull.

I heated the turret and pulled the turret back into something close to the original shape. The hull was too far gone to do much good trying to fix it. So I decided to make this one into a derlict tank that has suffered a major hull hit, internal explosion and fire.

Tanks that have burned out don't get recovered, the heat will damage the armor and make it useless.

This Tiger II has been hit and left on the battlefield. It is mounted on a sheet of styrene that was flocked and has a few bits of debris tossed in.

Helmet, packs, and gear indicate the crew may have escaped. Three empty tank gun cases are on the ground at the rear of the tank.

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