Friday, December 4, 2009

Big LW KM Trucks

This Wiking HO 1/87th scale truck has had the cargo bed removed and replaced with a fuel tank. It will probably support my WWII German Luftwaffe or Kriegsmarine.

This was a tractor truck. I don't really have a use for that for the WWII Germans, but I did have the old truck bed in the spares box.

I cut down the undercarriage of the ultra long modern trailer and glued the truck body onto it. The truck is shown here with the well loved Opel Blitz truck from Roco for a bit of a size comparison.

This is a massive truck. It will probably go to my KM unit. They had a few very large trucks. While this is a post war truck, the only real external difference is the gills on the side of the engine cover.

I think the completed truck turned out pretty well.

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