Tuesday, December 8, 2009

19 Shermans

Paul showed me his new masters for Sherman tanks he is working on now.

This is an M4A2 Early to Mid production hull with engine insert.

This engine insert is designed to allow drop in engine decks so different engine versions can be made and to ease the production of the resin models. Details like engine decks wear out faster than smooth parts.

This is the engine insert in place.

The entire kit will be resin. When this master is done, master molds will be made to make production masters. Those resin production masters will make the production molds.
More information on new Paul Heiser Models soon.

On Saturday I visited the world headquarters of Paul Heiser Models with Randy of Fidelis Models.


Karcuss said...

looking good

hat doing a M4A2(late, so more towards the M4A3)AND M36 they are out

and have grand plans for mods to all the Hat Shermans (six)with the mass amount of spares from UM
By idea from (and he has done)John Spencer on Facebook 1/72 group.
so will shove them on my blog at some stage.
Hat M4, M4A3 75mm, M4A3 76mm, M4A3 105mm, firefly, and now M4A2 with Achilles , M10 and now M36, so with the Italeri M3 HT (AND 75mm) you can build up a base force either Brit or U.S

cheers Karcuss

Bunkermeister said...

Sounds like a great project!