Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Operation High Jump

Ykreol is making two sets of figures for ultra-late WWII. There is a whole genre of historical / historical science fiction type wargames. They use various real, proposed and fantasy weapons made by the Germans and Allies. These figures are useful for playing games about the German base in Antarctica.
Before WWII the Germans explored Antarctica and there were rumors that hey actually built a base there that continued to operate for years after the war ended. Some even say that the Byrd Expeditions after the war were to attack those German bases.
During the war B-17 bomber crews attacking German were sometimes buzzed by aircraft that were not identified by the Americans. They were called FOO Fighters. Some speculate these were either ultra high tech German weapons or even aliens from space. Some claim the aliens were simply watching the war, others claim they were allied with the Germans.
Plenty of good wargame scenarios there.

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