Thursday, December 3, 2009

Italeri Anti-Tank British Para

These are the four British Paratroopers from the 1/72nd scale Italeri Anti-tank Teams.

In keeping with the limited anti-tank nature of these sets, they only give one A-T guy in the British Paratroopers.

This very nice figure is the standing Sten gunner pose. Really a good figure. I like the leaning forward into the shooting.

Light grenade launcher. As you can see from this angle a well sculpted figure that was not designed for mold making. Mrs. Bunkermeister thought this was a woman in a dress. The undercuts are pretty bad. This probably should have been a multi-part figure.

This is the British John Wayne. Only a very manly man can fire a PIAT while standing.


Jim. said...

The only problem with the Sten gunner is he is holding the weapon by the magazine. Despite Hollywood
you should not do that.
Also the guy with the 3-tube attache case can be the second for either the 2" mortar or the PIAT. The case could carry rounds for either weapon.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

In the heat of battle troops sometimes do that. And it looks cool.