Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Armored Car Hulk

My good friend Randy of Fidelis Models stopped by the house and gave me a box of crappy, used up old Roco models. Everyone was missing parts, or severely damaged.

I painted this Roco 234/3 as a wreck. Military vehicles get hit and then often sit for years waiting for the scrap man or nature to make it go away.

The vehicle has been stripped and left to rust away. The gun has been removed and so have the wheels and tires. They can be used on other vehicles.

The model did not come with a gun or mount, but did have wheels. I removed them so that I could use them as spare tires on other 234/ series vehicles.

I glued the armored car to a bit of sheet plastic, and after painting the vehicle and sheet, I flocked it with four different kinds of flock, including some long grass. Now I have a non-repairable derelict hulk to populate my wargame table.

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