Monday, November 30, 2009

Flag Man

Airfix World War One British Infantry in 1/72nd scale soft plastic. The flag signalling guy.

Revell WWII German Navy Standing at Parade Rest 1/72nd scale soft plastic guy.

Matchbox 1/76th scale soft plastic British Commandos, Bayonetting the Enemy Guy.

Put them together and you have a 1/72nd scale WWII German Signalling Guy.

Sailors often wore watch caps to keep their head warm. They use signal flags to communicate between ships to avoid using the radio and giving their position away to the enemy. I am planning on making two of these guys and two more with the original cap.


MiniatureZone said...

Nice idea.

Do you pin the figures too when you glue them like that ?

Bunkermeister said...

Hi MZ. Thanks for reading.

Yes, I always pin the figures. Soft plastic that is not the newer glueable type should always be pinned. I use a number 8 guitar string. Very strong, very cheap, and very rigid.

Jim. said...

You have to have at least two, that way they have someone to talk to.

Bunkermeister said...

I am making at least four. Photos soon.