Monday, October 26, 2009

US Army by Caesar

The figures on each end are from the Caesar US Army set. The ones in the middle are from the recent Italeri US Army set. Bigger, but not horribly larger.

Caesar Miniatures and the smaller Matchbox 1/76th scale soldier. Matchbox is probably too small to mix, especially if you mix the Caesar with the Italeri.

Caesar Miniatures officer figure. Map case and pointing, he could be a good man with the heavy .30 caliber tripod mounted machine gun, or as an artillery forward observer.

The .30 caliber HMG is one piece and the firer is another. Gun and tripod as one part. Very nice. The gun can be fired this way, the sights are rather tall. They can also use tracer. Prone was also very common. The tripod was adjustable.

His had rests on the top of the gun a very typical pose. Three of these guns and men per set. With the Italeri .30 caliber light machine gun you have a choice now. Maybe the Italeri gun with the Caesar crewmen? Could work.


S said...

"Maybe the Italeri gun with the Caesar crewmen? Could work."

Not at all. The '30 LMG has a low tripod and is fired from the prone position or standing in a gun pit.

I had this discussion with the PSR staff when they reviewed the Valiant set and they admitted they couldn't find a single WWII photograph of the .30 LMG being fired from a kneeling or seated position on flat ground. The reason is obvious: it wasn't done because you cannot use the sights in this position, plus you make yourself a very big target and MG's attract a LOT of incoming fire.....

grumpykiwi said...

Those Italeri's look massively out of proportion to... well pretty much any other WW2 US army figures out there in 1/72nd land. I bought some and was so disappointed in them, they've never been taken out of storage since, nor are they likely to.

The Caesar (as per usual) look mighty fine.