Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Truck Loads

This is a figure I plan on converting into a WWII German member of the NSKK. The National Socialist Motor Transport Corp carried supplies, trained drivers and repaired vehicles.

These are some small inserts I made for the back of a truck. Each set is composed of tools and spares to repair a flat tire.

This insert holds a table with a map. The insert will fit on the back of an Opel Blitz. Just as I make cargo loads, I try and make other types of loads to provide small dioramas when off loaded. They fit into the back of the trucks like the more general cargo loads.

These are small tiles of plastic styrene from Evergreen Plastic. Here a small part has been cut out to use as a pair of seats for a 37mm Roco AA gun.

Here the same company has provided sheet styrene in wooden plank form. Here they have been cut to fit the back of a Roco Opel Blitz truck. These fuel barrels will refuel German trucks and tanks.

Here are the seats, glued to the guns and with crewmen glued to the seats. I have also made some small plank sections for truck repair. There is a spare tire, jack, hammer, and Jerry can. These will also fit in the back of a German WWII truck.

A rear view of the AA guns showing the attachment of the plastic sheets.

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