Thursday, October 15, 2009

NSKK Conversions

This Opel Blitz cargo is for one of my NSKK trucks. It includes tracks for an Panther and a smaller tank. It has a large truck tire, tools, fuel, and towing cables and two jacks.

Bachman made US 1950's people including this police officer. The dark figure is from Prieser. I wanted to make some NSKK figures directing traffic and so I am using this US policeman as a starting place.

I put a new base on the figure so that it conforms to the other NSKK figures I am making. I cut off the head and replaced it with another one from a Pegasus figure.

I took some left over Preiser bits and glued the bread bag, water bottle and poncho to the back of the police officer to make him look more German.

Now he can direct traffic, when he is not repairing broken tracks and flat tires.

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