Saturday, October 24, 2009

Caesar WWII US Army Set I

The BAR man from the Caesar WWII US Army set holds his weapon at a high port arms position. He is wearing the large ammo pouches for the big BAR magazines.

The new Caesar Miniatures US Army troops are 1/72nd scale plastic, and flash free as usual. They don't have the traditional sprue, but the little tab Caesar figures always have. This is my favorite Thompson SMG firing pose, ever. He is the guy we see in every movie and TV show firing his trench broom into the enemy.

The set comes with one pose with an M1 carbine, three poses with the Thompson Sub Machine Gun, a man firing the .30 caliber heavy machine gun, a man with a flame thrower, one with a Springfield, and the rest have the M1 Garand Rifle.

This is the US Army set 1 and it does need a set two. This is a good set, but not a great set. It will remain to be seen with set 2 and any additional sets of US Army how close to great we get. We need a 60mm mortar, some crewmen for the crew served weapons, and I would like some US Army tank crewmen. Maybe a guy with a Thompson with the drum magazine in a tanker helmet, wearing the coveralls?

This simple pose is a great figure. I am happy to see Caesar including it in many of their sets. He can be walking along a road, standing guard, or any number of things soldiers do all the time.
I got three of these sets so far and many more will be added to my collection.

All in all a good start and I certainly wait for the next release.


S said...

Please no more Thompsons - OR grease guns in set 2!!
Nicely done figures though - the flame thrower is particularly good, even though it was a limited use weapon and you really don't need many of them. What we do need is more BAR's in different poses as the troops often added a second BAR to the squad by 1945.

Bunkermeister said...

We need loads of more BARs. Prone with the bipod down, standing firing, and advancing and firing.

I would like a set of US Army tankers. With the M1928 Thompson, the Grease gun, fuel can, wrenches, .45 Colt. Wearing tanker jackets, overalls, and tanker helmets.

David said...

Thanks for sharing these Mike. I look forward to seeing the other sets.

Bunkermeister said...

You are welcome. I will have more over the next week or so.

mutantpoo said...

Which pose has the springfield rifle ? I couldn't tell.

I'd give my right arm for a proper standing BAR firing pose !

S said...

"I'd give my right arm for a proper standing BAR firing pose"

Imex's "WWII Esy Company" paratrooper set has no less than 5 prone BAR men! It's pretty simple to cut away the gun (as they are firing it on the bipod, one handed) and switch it with a standing or kneeling rifleman as the Airborne didn't use the BAR as much as Leg infantry anyway. Conversely, minus his BAR the Imex guy makes a useful gunner for a Bazooka or .30 LMG taken from another set