Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The NSKK started as a Nazi Party organization to provide transportation for party purposes. Later, they trained people to repair vehicles and taught them how to drive. In the 1920's and 1930's it was not common for people to know how to drive or to be able to repair a motor vehicle, so being able to learn those skills was a big draw to the Nazi party for many people.

When the war started, the NSKK began training more people to drive, including tanks and providing transportation for the OT, the RAD and the Luftwaffe. The NSKK also trained member of the Hitler Youth to drive. Eventually, they even developed a marine branch to train crews of assault boats.

As part of my Battle of Berlin game, I am trying to field units of every organization in Nazi Germany that carried weapons or supported the armed forces. The NSKK became more and more involved in combat as the supply lines came under increased attack. They carried small arms, bazookas, panzerfausts, and even manned light anti-aircraft guns.

Pre-war, the NSKK coordinated road rallys and road races. They used these skills during the war to coordinate traffic to get the supplies to the front.

I am trying to give each unit a special attribute that is unique to them, that other units won't necessarily have. For the NSKK I am considering giving them the ability to repair vehicle engines, flat tires and tank tracks as well as refuel vehicles.

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