Saturday, October 17, 2009


This is the old Roco 37mm single AA gun. I have added a third crewman to the crew.

Members of the NSKK frequently used motorcycles to get around. So I used a HaT Industrie motorcycle man as the third crewman.

Using a bit of Evergreen Plastic tile I added a third seat.

Here is the full crew manning the gun.

I included a few rifles in a stack. Often the men manning crew served weapons would stack their rifles nearby. It keeps them out of the dirt and ready for action.


Jim. said...

With the Roco 37 and quad 20 mike mike FLAK, I use the MMS crews of 5 troops each. In fact, my FLAK crews are going to be serving their guns at Lapichi on the road to Minsk next Saturday, trying to stop the Russian destruction of Army Group Center.

Bunkermeister said...