Friday, October 30, 2009

Caesar German Paratroopers

This is the officer from the Caesar Miniatures WWII German Paratroopers set. It may be the single best soft plastic figure ever! The hand in front is very difficult to cast for other companies, but Caesar and their multipart mold system is able to do what others can't.

As you can see from this view, the arm is very much in front of the officer. A very action packed pose. German paratrooper officers often wore helmets in combat.

I use officers as a rally point for troops that fail morale. Their inclusion is important for keeping unit cohesion.

The panzerfaust was a single shot anti-tank recoilless rocket launcher. It was disposable, fire it and toss the tube away. Troops could learn how to shoot one very quickly and there were even pictographic instructions on them.

Unlike some other sets, this figure is actually firing the rocket correctly. The sights and arming device is folded up and the rear end of the tube is not facing him so that the rocket exhaust will not burn him. Another great figure.

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