Thursday, October 22, 2009

Caesar Paratroopers

The curse of the WWII soft plastic German Paratroopers has been broken with the new German Paratroopers set from Caesar Miniatures in 1/72nd scale.

As usual with Caesar Miniatures the figures are flash free and come with only the little tab of a sprue on them.

The set has several of the figures with the FG 42 paratrooper assault rifle. These rifles were used from mid war until the end of the conflict.

These are late war paratroopers, including a figure with a panzerfaust.

This is a much better set of Paratroopers than has ever been done in soft plastic in 1/72nd scale. The officer pose is great, the two prone figures are very good too. I got this set from my good friend Larry at Pegasus Hobbies.


David said...


Would most of these figures (the ones w/o the FG42) be ok to use for early war paratroops? I looked at the pictures and I cannot tell.

Bunkermeister said...

While I am not an expert on the details of pocket flap, buttons, or cuff lace, it seems to me that many of these soldiers would work fine for early war.

The Panzerfaust, and FG42s of course, being notable exceptions.

While far from my favorite set, the Revell is a more early war set and some of the figures are not bad. I would suggest a mix of the Caesar and Revell would be your best bet.