Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Paratrooper Wargame Rules

Thanks to Caesar Miniatures we finally got a decent set of WWII German Paratroopers. So now we need some wargame rules for them. Like these that I use.

Paratroopers and equipment are divided as follows, squads, crew served weapons, crews, crew served weapon ammunition, radios, vehicles, commanders, and forward observers. Each of these elements drops separately, one at a time. The paratroopers pick a drop zone from which the parachutes are dropped, from three feet high.

The drop zone location may be adjusted when conditions are not ideal. Perfect conditions are: low altitude approach, with Pathfinders on the DZ, with no AAA fire and no wind. Paratroops with perfect conditions are dropped on the B chart. Any change in these conditions moves the location down once along the artillery chart for every additional factor present. If the factors go off the chart the troops may not be dropped or 100% casualties will result. Paratroops dropping in rough terrain, forests, urban, etc., must roll for casualties. There is a 30% chance of being killed. Troops dropping in shallow water, swamps, creeks etc. have a 50% chance of being killed. Troops dropping in deep water, streams, rivers, oceans, etc. have a 90% chance of being killed.

0 mph no change
10 mph up one
20 mm up two
30 mph up three
40 mph up four and no jump

Paratroop crew served weapons are not used until the crew, the ammunition, and weapon are in the same location.

Defenders fire at paratroops
Paratroops casualties are removed
Surviving paratroops fire at defenders
Defenders casualties are removed
Defenders move up to five inches
Melees are resolved

Pathfinders land like aircrews but are armed with any weapon that is not crew served. It takes one Pathfinder to illuminate the drop zone for every platoon of paratroopers or vehicles. Pathfinders are only good for one platoon of troops because they expend their smoke grenades or flares to illuminate the drop zone. Pathfinders move down 10% for drop casualties.

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