Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pegasus Tank

This is a pre-production sample of a Pegasus Panzer 38t. These were used in large numbers by the WWII German army in the early days of the war. They will go great with the Pegasus 1939 Germans and the 1940 French.

As a pre-production set, the plastic color can be anything. The real set will probably not be this exact shade of green and may not even be green at all. Pre-production sets use any plastic in the shop to test the mold. Color is not a concern. Here you can see a good reason to test the molds. It is pretty typical for the first mold shots to fail to fill the mold cavity. The mold will go back to the mold maker who will work on making the "sprue" work better to fill the mold, or the heat or pressure will be adjusted to fill the mold properly.

This final sprue shows the other parts of the model. The model has good detail and yet will be simple to construct. This is another example of the great line of 1/72nd scale Pegasus quick to build models. While I don't actually own any, I do think they are very nice. Thanks to my good friend Larry of Pegasus for letting me take these photos of his newest tank model.

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