Friday, October 23, 2009

More Paratrooper Information

The Caesar Miniatures are much better than the previous ESCI figures of 1/72nd scale WWII German Paratroopers. The ESCI set has two figure poses firing bolt action rifles from the left shoulder. There are probably more left handed bolt action rifle firers in one box of these figures than there were in the average paratrooper division. Bolt action rifles are not designed for left handed use.

There is also a figure who has an MP30 submachine gun but no magazine in the weapon. While I know soldiers have to reload, I think this is a very poor figure choice. Especially since he is not reloading.

The final bad pose is one who is leaning on the butt of his weapon with the barrel in the dirt. First of all that wears the muzzle crown of the weapon and reduced the accuracy. It also can block the barrel so that the weapon could be unsafe to fire. Finally, the first sergeant will kick your butt if you do that in front of him. It is a terrible pose.

The ESCI figures are excellent sculpts, but the terrible poses really ruin the set for me. Too bad Italeri don't fix these few problem figures and make it into a good set.


S said...

Oh I think the last figure is great......
'cos it's easy to cut away the machine gun and use it somewhere else!

Bunkermeister said...

I think the last figure is terrible, but usable because you can cut the machine gun off and use it and the figure in some other way.