Sunday, October 11, 2009

Artillery Position

Sometimes when something gets stuck, a quick whack from an ax will unstick it.

The artillery tries hard to stay lined up. Getting too far out in front and you will have to deal with the pressure wave from the gun next to you. It can shatter ear drums.

Jeeps are parked close to hand. In real war, it can be important to move out quickly to avoid enemy counter-battery fire. The Russian Bear is a champion of massed artillery attacks and only by being better in quality of guns and men can freedom hope to do better against them.

The fire direction center is close when training, but in real war would be located some distance away to avoid getting hit by counter-battery fire directed at the guns.

Here in training the guns are in open ground, but in war the preference is to dig the guns in to be able to absorb attacks by enemy artillery.


David Nilsen said...

I like how one of your jeeps has one of those goofy rank stickers they used to come with. I hated the stickers, never used them, but all the kids in my neighborhood did.

Mike Creek said...

David, I don't care for the stickers either, but it was on there when I got it and since I was a Captain, USAR, MI I left it.