Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pegasus and Caesar

My friend COL Jim and I visited Larry of Pegasus Models today. He showed us some of his new items, that are almost ready to be released and a few Caesar Miniatures items that are new also.

The new Pegasus items include two 1 to 1 scale items for the movie Galaxy Quest. One is a space gun and the other is a communicator type item. They are simple kits and look very interesting. They are also doing a model of the space ship from Galaxy Quest. The model is about a foot long. They should all be in stores soon.

There was also a new WWII tank in 1/72nd scale. It is a Czech 38 as used by the Germans in WWII. It is a simple fast build kit that has the road wheels and track halves as one piece. I suspect, but don't know, that these will be two per set, as is typical for Pegasus.

The new Caesar Miniatures 1/72nd scale figures included their new Greek Hoplites, Ancient Persians, WWII US Army set 1, WWII German Panzergrenadiers, set 2, and WWII German Paratroopers. Since I don't do ancients, you are on your own with those, but I will have reviews of all the others over the next few days.

Larry also gave me a Pegasus Figures update and I will share more of that later.


jack said...

good news from pegasus. we in europe get the stuff a bit later, so I have to wait even longer. Do you know when they are going to do a T34? (if they haven't done it allready and I just missed it I'm sorry) also are pegasus planning some more german panzers like the panzer 4 and all his variants.

love your blog

greerings from a rainy holland

Karcuss said...

will be good to see more from Pegasus esp. the figures

And i know of the T-34/85 (Hat Armorurfast does three a 85, early 41 and a Mickey Mouse 1942 version.)

Tell Mr Pegasus He should do British Airbourne (pegasus badge)

And would like a quick build Panzer IV (italeri and Hat doing Panthers)
As then he could do Stug IV, Jagdpanzer, Ostwind, Wirbelwind, Mobelwagen etc I'm in for that one at a platoons and companies.
Also Sd.Kfz 7s flak 37, 43, 38 as if Flak done all sorts of possibilities

cheers to you and Jack


Bunkermeister said...

Larry Pegasus is trying to get his Panzer 38t out soon. That's it for armor for now.

Bunkermeister said...

Pegasus have at least 5 sets in the pipeline, including two WWII Russian Heavy Weapons. It takes 3 to 5 years to make a set of figures so don't hold your breath on the British Paratroopers. Better use the Italeri / Esci and Revell ones for the next few years.

Karcuss said...

It was more of a Joke
as to the Pegasus Bridge and etc Normandy, 1st and 6th Airbourne and all that me chap.
and You said it the (Esci) and Revell do well for quick and easy and there are lots of Metal.
If I relly thought about it would be Zeltbahn or Infantry around Normandy
germans turning into the British uniformed of late 44 to 45 which is missing in Plastic.
I can get a knife out and cut figures to pieces, But the hobby needs out of the box more than anything.
And maybe Cavalry Russian, German and late WW1 British and U.S same.

cheers Karcuss

Bunkermeister said...

I would love more horse cavalry.