Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pegasus WWI French

The Pegasus World War One late war, French infantry are about a year late. I spoke to my good friend Larry of Pegasus and he is trying to get them out by the end of the year. There will be two identical sprues of troops. He has meticulously researched them and they look great. The figures are intended to be soft plastic with a slightly harder plastic weapons / arms sprues. His intent is to make the long rifles with bayonets straighter so they look better than soft plastic ones often do. The figures will have a variety of different gas mask cases and slightly different kit. These will be a great set.
The French 1940 set are for the French Army that fought against the Germans in 1939 / 1940. They will be much like the WWI set with separate arms / weapons. The weapons will be a harder plastic. Another good set from Pegasus.
These sets have been delayed for many reasons. One is that it just takes a long time to make a good plastic set. The masters were wrong a couple times and so they had to go back to the sculptor to make corrections. The research was difficult. The WWI and WWII uniforms are similar, and much of the WWI kit was used in WWII. That made it harder to figure out who was who.
The work is not done by Pegasus employees. It is done by contract and so they work is not always done quickly. Sometimes the work is delayed by other work, unrelated to the hobby stuff. This set is nearly done, all they are doing is making sure the mold works properly. It is difficult to get the plastic to flow into small spaces, like the weapons sprue.


grumpykiwi said...

Two sets of WW2 French in less that 12 months. At last those of use that like to game the early war have some options. Great news that they're getting close.

Bunkermeister said...

Yes, for years all we had were the WWI Airfix to stand in for WWII French. Now with these new sets we can do much more. Remember the FFL was in Indochina and they wore the WWII France 1940 style uniform too. So they can fight Japanese troops too!

David said...

Actually I had planned on using the Revell WWI French for 1940 French Army, but now there ar these great sets. Looks like I need to pay Larry a visit. Thanks for sharing these Mike.

Bunkermeister said...

Larry does not have these little French gems in stock yet, but they will be perfect for France 1940.

I always thought the Revell WWI French heads were a bit small. They look like they are okay as heads without helmets, but they are wearing helmets. Ouch, tight fit.