Monday, October 19, 2009

Caesar Sets

Caesar Miniatures have just released five new sets of 1/72nd scale soft plastic figures. This one is Greek Hoplites.

This set is Persian Warriors. Like the Hoplites they have separate weapons that are molded in another color from the figures. Nice sets, flash free and good action poses. I know nothing about ancients and don't collect them. I only took photos of the box art and looked at the sets quickly without any photos.

Here is there US Army Set 1. It is really nice. They are the first set to have an early pattern WWII US Army flamethrower. They have several poses with Thompson Submachine Guns and a very nice .30 caliber heavy machine gun.

Soft plastic WWII German Paratroopers were cursed. They have generally been terrible, with the Esci set being the bottom of the stack of bad sets. The curse has been lifted with this set!

Here is the WWII German Panzergrenadiers set II. It is another of the long series of WWII German late war soldiers. It is great, with several terrific poses.
I will have photos and more reviews over the next week or so.
I got these from Larry at Pegasus. My friend Larry often gives me a discount on figures or sometimes even gives me preproduction sets. I will have some photos and more information on my visit with Larry over the next few days.


mutantpoo said...

Next week or so ? Noooooo, at least say what pose the U>S BAR man has.

sandij2 said...

"several poses with Thompson Submachine Gun" In other words, the curse of the WWII US sets has not been lifted!
With only SIX smg's available to a rifle company of 193 men, this weapon is WAY over represented, resulting in useless figures/poses. Why can't anyone get it right?

Karcuss said...

by the way the worst set is the original revell Fallschrimjager which came out with the equally bad Anzacs (Australian Infantry)
The Esci set was good in it was more late war Paratroops.

And as for U.S troops Plastic toy Soldiers are to be used for Kelly's Hereos and other such WW2 games like based

the Movies who can survive the "Magnifying Glass" and "it's the smaller than one who plays with us, it's the one who put's us in his mouth" and "what's that coming out of the dog"

The only way is to buy Metals and wonder why you have the right amount of rifles etc but could only afford two platoons.

But best we have a toone of Variety to "try"
and mix match
anyhow Cheers Karcuss

Bunkermeister said...

There is a BAR pose.

Bunkermeister said...

Armored cavalry had more Thompson Submachine Guns and they were issued more widely than the TOEs actually show. Also as troops would fall, their weapons would stay in combat and units would accumulate more over time.

Also this is set one, so there will be more of other weapons later.

Bunkermeister said...

The Revell German Paratroops were the worst sculpts.

The Esci ones had the worst poses. Left handed shooters, no magazines in the weapons, and a guy with the barrel of his rifle in the dirt!

Jim. said...

Since Mike missed answering yojur question, mutantpoo. The BAR guy is standing holding his weapon at high port. He looks like he is at the corner of a building.

grumpykiwi said...

Great figures as always from Caesar. I was hoping for their Modern British and Modern German sets from this release, but I guess I'll just have to be patient until the next quarter. At least I do have 2 of the Modern Brits to keep me happy.

And I didn't think that the Revell ANZAC's were all that bad, much better than their Fallschrimjager anyhow.

S said...

An unnamed GI from the 29th ID is quoted as saying the Thompson was only any good so long as you met "a kraut in a closet"

But let's leave aside for a moment the utility of the TSMG in combat when the Nazis are dropping you with Mauser rounds from 200 yards away; where do all these guns "accumulate" from? Six per company (and these were 'pool' weapons at the disposal of the Captain) doesn't leave a lot to be found lying around the battlefield.
Also, assuming you have acquired some poor tanker's Thompson, how are you going to feed it? Your supply sergeant is only going to bring up 30-06 for the rifles and BAR's that your platoon is supposed to have......

Once again we have to be grateful for what we get and make the most of our solitary BAR pose and perhaps some of these otherwise useless Tommy gunners will convert to artillery crew or something

Bunkermeister said...

According to the July 15, 1943 TOE an Infantry Division had 1,157 SMGS, and 275 in each Regiment.

A Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron had 996 men and 238 SMGs. That's one man in four with an SMG.

30 out of 155 men in a Cavalry Recon Troop of an Infantry Division had an SMG.

The Cavalry were in heavy combat along with the Infantry in WWII.

This is also Set 1, so more rifles and other weapons will be forthcoming.