Wednesday, July 10, 2013


A blog is a World Wide Web Log.
I write three of them and I post to all three every day and have for over five years.
Hysterical Right Wing is about politics, social commentary, and current events.
SGT Says is about public and private law enforcement.
Bunker Talk is about miniature wargames, toy soldiers and military history.  On Bunker Talk I usually include five photos of my collection, in five years that's 10,000 photos of toy soldiers, tanks and such.
I write these blogs as a way to give back some of the information I have been able to gather in my 57 years as a person and to try to inform folks about ways to stay alive, give back to their community and to worship God, and to have fun.  Unless you have tens of thousands of readers per day, you can't make a living at it.
Visitors can also make comments about each blog entry.  Some comments are moderated to keep out the wackos but I try to read every one and respond to every comment.  I ask that comments be kept shorter than the blog entry.  Thanks for reading, tell all your friends, I am still hoping for tens of thousands of readers, that's the talk around the bunker.

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