Thursday, July 4, 2013



Regular readers of Bunker Talk will be familiar with the name of Master Modeler Wayne Wanner.  This is his latest project, described in his own words.

"A local hobby shop recently started carrying Sylvan 1/87 scale vehicles. I bought a Ford that looked like it was one of those used by the French and then captured by the Germans. The white resin is very fragile, fortunately the kit is very simple. I added a night driving light and a fuel tank behind the driver.

"I then gave it a couple light coats of Tamiya German Gray. And some AK Mud extra thinned wash over all. I then dabbed some un-thinned mud right from the paint pallet onto the lower parts of the truck and the tires. And a coat of Testors matt last."

"The truck cost $20. Kind of high for a sparsely detailed truck. I also tried the Vallejo brush on Liquid Mask on the truck body while I sprayed the canvas with Testors light gray. I was disappointed with that, I spent an hour picking at the greenish rubber coating. It refused to come off the truck sides."

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