Sunday, July 21, 2013

Paul Heiser Models by WW

Master Modeler, Wayne Wanner shows us again, why I call him Master Modeler.
"Attached are several pics of a Heiser M4A1, and early version, note the return rollers on the centerline of the roller boogie. 

This is a semi resin/plastic model kit. I liked it alot, and it went together very well, using a super glue of course.

I gave it a coat of Tamiya OD and a wash of AK dust. The only addition I made is a Tank Commanders sight blade near the hatch. These were a typical addition to Sherman's to aid the Tank Commander in training or slewing the turret as he looks along the sight blade an then knew the tank turret (gunners) sights would then be very close to the target.

A piece of sheet metal was welded/bolted in a semi triangular shape with a rounded top.

 I can't say positively but I think some units painted the tops white or red. 

I like Paul Heisers Sherman's I have about 20 of them."
Thanks WW for some awesome Paul Heiser Models goodness.  I get mine at Fidelis Models, run by my best friend, Randy.

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