Thursday, July 18, 2013

Superheroes Update

The Battle Dice Silver Surfer is unobtainable so I used a Hero Clix one and mounted him on a Battle Dice base.

I also painted a Battle Dice figure as the Silver Surfer for more ground action.  I figure in the sky he can be a little larger without any real problem.

Silver Surfer with the Fantastic Four, Human Torch, Mr. Fantastic and his wife.

The Battle Dice The Thing looks a bit small and anemic. 

I replaced him with a Hero Clix one after I repainted him the more traditional orange with blue shorts.


peter said...

Great work here! I really like what you did with these figures!


Mike Creek said...

Thanks Peter. Some of it is just Battle Dice straight out of the package and some of it is me. Thanks for reading.