Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ship Models

These are prototype Imperial Japanese Landing barge models.  They are made of wood but the completed models may be made in resin.  Presently this company only offers ships in wood but is considering making their new line in resin.  Each craft will have a coxswains station and bow ramp unattached but in the plastic bag that each barge will be shipped in.

This is a 1:87 scale riverine monitor. The attached photo reflects progress as well as placement of temporary fixtures to create a view of what is planned. The white plastic pieces show where gun positions will be when the models are done.

This 1:87 scaled LCVP model has a full hull.  These are test and prototype models made in wood from James Craven.  His models are sold in several different scales and he will make you almost anything, for a price.  These prototypes are unfinished and are illustrated here to show you some behind the scenes work that goes on to make the models we all enjoy.  For more information this and other ships contact:

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