Saturday, July 6, 2013


Yuma, US Army M7B1 Priest 105mm self propelled gun.  The original M7 was based on the Lee tank chassis.

Based on the Sherman tank chassis.

This one is in good shape.  Note the other gun to the right side of the photo.  I never saw one of those.

These SPGs were used in WWII and in Korea.

These vehicles were sometimes attached to tank battalion headquarters but usually were in full battalions of guns.


Karcuss said...

it actually comes from the M3 Lee chassis, not the Sherman

Mike Creek said...

Hi Karcuss, you are correct, the M7 Priest comes from the M3 Lee chassis. This particular version is actually an M7B1 which used the Sherman M4A3 chassis, which I have clarified in the text.
Thanks for reading!