Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bat Copter

The Invisible Girl from the Fantastic Four was the basis for both Bat Girl and Cat Woman.  Bat Girl got a utility belt with boxes, bat ears, a cowl, and a cape.  Cat Woman got her right arm repositioned, cat claws, and cat ears.  Cat Woman was also cut off the stand and then a stack of styrene was added to the bottom of her right foot.  It was painted black to blend in with the base and she was glued back onto the base.  It's hard to see and it makes her look like the is moving to the left, compare the overall pose to the other two figures and it's more noticeable.  Also her left hand has been rotated upward.

BatMan and Robin with the Bat Copter.

It's a Hot Wheels Bell UH-1.  In the movie they added the wings to make it more bat like.

Another Bat flying machine, by Hot Wheels again.

This one is more modern and more stealth.  I am considering making some painting changes to make it more campy like the 1966 TV show.  Perhaps something as simple as a red outline along the exterior edge and an overall gloss spray.


Arquinsiel said...

There's a whole line of odd batmobiles out at the moment from Hot Wheels (I think) in one of my local toy shops. Might be worth poking around your area to see if there's anything on offer.

Mike Creek said...

Thanks for the heads up Arquinsiel, thanks for reading too!