Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Big Picture

A couple days ago I was watching an old TV show produced by the US Army called The Big Picture.  It presented information about the Army and it ran from about 1950 until about 1971.  This episode from the 1960's described the Army of the 1970's.  It showed this drawing a Future MBT.

This is a future shotgun.  Note the pistol grip at the front and the curved sleeve for the right arm.

Airmobile artillery, sort of Osprey meets Puff the Magic Dragon!

The MIFV.  For decades the US Army tried to replace the M113 with a fighting vehicle that the troops could stay inside and fight from. I remember in the 1970's they called it the Mythical Infantry Fighting Vehicle.  It looks a lot like the Soviet BMP in this picture.  Eventually, it became the Bradley and ironically after the first few versions the rifle ports were welded up and the troops could no longer fight from inside the vehicle.

This is some sort of infantry transport, I like the mini-gun on the front.

That howitzer from Yuma that I did not recognize, here it is again, they were supposed to be attached to the Chinook helicopter.  Thanks to A. Kempees for the updated information.

This very low prime mover never saw the light of day.  Probably just as well.


Giano said...

Very odd stuff! Now I know from where the w40k guy got their inspiration!
It's odd too that a similar IFV saw the light of day, but "on the other side of the barricade"

Mike Creek said...

The BMP was already in service when this show was aired. The US Army wanted a similar vehicle for 20 years before fielding the Bradley. Thanks for reading.

Don M said...

That howitzer is a version of the M102 (105mm )I commanded (the standard)one for a few years...)

Mike Creek said...

Thanks for your service Don M.