Monday, July 15, 2013

Holy Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is bits of three different figures.  Based on the old comic book version from the WWII era.

Uncle Sam was also a WWII era comic character, and here is mine, based on a Spanish Guerilla figure by HaT in 1/72nd scale.  I cut off most of his gear and his rifle, then rebased him.

Wonder Woman, Uncle Sam and the Battle Dice version of Capt. America.

Uncle Sam with another old colleague, "Fighting Yank" from another WWII era comic book, Startling Comics.

The conversion work is done, but not the painting.  He was essentially a guy in a body suit, like most superheroes, but he wore a tri-corner hat.  This one is from an Imex American Revolutionary War figure.  He started life as the Punisher from Battle Dice.


1Mac said...

I just wanted to say that I'm enjoying your superhero conversions a lot!

Mike Creek said...

Thanks. I have more superheroes photos in the pipeline. That project is on leave for a few weeks but there will be more work done on it soon.