Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Roco SWS

The conversion shown here is on a firmer ground compared to the last ones.  First, notice the sheet of white styrene plastic.  Onto that I glued boxes of 88mm ammo.  This halftrack can supply an anti-tank unit, a heavy tank unit or an AA gun.  The styrene sheet is not glued into the back.  It can be removed to indicate a fully supplied unit.  Several of them together can create an ammo or supply dump.

This is a simple MG42 with bipod sitting on the cab.  Any SWS halftrack could have been modified like this with ease.

A new pair of wheels on the front of this halftrack.  I think the SWS looks better with these SdKfz 7 wheels.  Note the MG shield and the ammo box.

 All these conversions are quick, simple, easy and cheap. 

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