Saturday, July 20, 2013

100 Years of Wargaming!

Science fiction writer H. G. Wells wrote a book called Little Wars.  It is the first commercially published set of miniature wargame rules.  H. G. Wells is called the Father of Modern Wargaming as a result.

The rules were pretty simple.  Hollow cast metal solders were lined up on each side and then miniature cannons were used to shoot the troops.  How many of us did that as kids, with plastic soldiers?  How many of us have done that in the last week?!?!

Miniature wargames have been a source of pleasure and learning for me since I got my first Army Men at age three, almost 55 years ago.  Historical miniature wargaming teaches history, sportsmanship, statistics, advance planning, teamwork and many other important skills that our society has largely forgotten.  Maybe we need less NFL football stars and more high profile wargamers.

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