Monday, July 22, 2013

Roco Fire Trucks

Master Modeler Wayne Wanner has turned his attention to Roco fire trucks to make some utility trucks for his WWII German Army.

"Attached are five Roco Mercedes "Fire Engines" converted to misc. German support trucks. I completely disassembled the trucks and plugged the holes in the tops of the truck bodies. Some Squadron putty was still necessary despite using Evergreen rod in the holes. This was a technique Steve Zaloga mentioned in one of his model guides.

I used Tamiya Sprays of German Gray and Tan to paint the interior and exterior faces. And used several washes and "spatters" of AK "dust and mud". These will be for gaming so Wehrmacht license plates were omitted. Besides they would not have been visible through the heavy mud coating anyway.

I consider these pressed into service along with Opals, Krupp's, Henschels and others. The Germans used thousands of trucks for work shops, administrative services, mess, medical, veterinary, weather, command and many, many others."

Another great line up from Master Modeler Wayne Wanner.


peter said...

Great trucks!

Mike Creek said...

WW does good work.