Tuesday, July 30, 2013

More Talk About Bunkers on Bunker Talk

Two of the same bunker as shown yesterday.

I painted them in a tan, dark brown, dark green using the type of colors used to paint tanks of the period.

This is a larger bunker.  I could hold a 50mm or 75mm gun.  It would have to be mounted inside the bunker, there is no way to get a towed gun inside.

The three bunkers are all painted with the same colors and the same general pattern, it brings a certain unity to the bunkers so they look good together.

The flocking is Woodland Scenics, Blended Turf, Green Blend.  I paint on a thick layer of green poster paint and then sprinkle on the grass.  Then I spray it with the Woodland Scenics white glue, and finally a spray of Testors Dullcote.

The paints are mostly Tamyia, but the concrete is Aged Concrete by Floquil; which is not longer in production.

The roof comes off to move the troops around inside.

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