Friday, February 5, 2010


One of the aspects of my wargame collection that I don't mention too often is my railroads. Under the Treaty of Fountain Valley, I am able to collect American railroads for the Western United States. Years ago, a number of us chopped up world history and agreed to limit our collections to certain eras, nations and activities. I collect American western railroads. So if another member wanted to collect railroads, he would be urged to collect, northern or eastern American railroads. This keeps our collections from overlapping too much and gives us the ability to field larger armies in our chosen fields.

Soldiers have to be moved around the nation in times of war and one way to do this rapidly is by railroad. Especially before the 1960's, sending troops from one post to another or to a port of embarkation by rail was a very practical method.

My trains are mostly from the first half of the 20th Century, and include AT&SF, Southern Pacific and Union Pacific. I also have a few Amtrac and some from the 19th Century for the Wild West or American Civil War.

Naturally the majority of the trains are usable for World War Two. I would love to play a strategic game moving troops around the US by rail.

These photos show a few of my passenger trains, but I naturally, have a number of freight trains as well, and rail guns.


chap said...

great stuff mike! since re-starting collecting roco minitanks and model trains i've built both modern and wwII military trains. it's been sweet but costing a fortune. especially trying to find spare parts for the things i have busted or are missing.

it would be great to see some shots of any military railways stuff you do. i'm always looking for inspiration and you do a great job with everything i've seen!

Bunkermeister said...

Thanks Chap. I have been upgrading my storage, so items come up almost randomly. Glad you are building up your forces.

Fidelis Models is run by my best friend Randy and he sells used items, a bit cheaper.

You may try resin casting to replace little bits that are missing.