Saturday, February 20, 2010

More Martians

Bag o' Martians! More Martians! Coming October 2010! There is also a rumor that they will release some other Martian item later this year, more if I find out more!

I got an email from Twilight Creations that says their Martians figures will be sold separately. The figures will be out in October of this year! That's great news. These Martians figures are great for War of the Worlds scenarios and for Mars Attacks! games and even for other space related games.

Science fiction wargames is a great way to re-use your historical collection. Get a few of your favorite science fiction vehicles, a few hundred of the Martians! and have them fight your Earthmen historical armies. The interesting thing is your Martians can be weak, strong, easy to kill, hard to kill and their Earthling opponents won't know until well into the game. It is the not knowing that is so hard on the mind of the Earth player.

Devise hit rules for your Martians, but don't show the Earth player what they are. Don't tell the Earth man what kind of armor the Martians have because the Martians are an unknown quantity. Players play a very different game when they don't have any idea how good the enemy is!

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