Sunday, February 7, 2010


All military units require supplies and these are some of the supplies I recently purchases on a trip to Pegasus Hobbies, in Montclair. Larry gives me a bit of a discount on purchases because I am a good customer.

With all the new Caesar Miniatures figures that have been released recently, I was falling behind. My first priority was to build up my WWII German Paratroopers. Despite there being plastic 1/72nd scale paratroopers from Airfix, Esci/Italeri, Revell and Orion, I don't think there was ever a really good set until the new Caesar Miniatures set.

The new Caesar Miniatures Panzergrenadiers II set was also high on my want list. They fit perfectly with the Panzergrenadiers I set and so I had to get several boxes.

I got the Odemars / Ykreol Bosnians but I am using some of the new Caesar Miniatures Mountain troops to fill up the TO&E for them. I am also filling up the Airfix Mountain Troops with a few of the figures from this set too.

I also have gradually been getting the Maya and Inca from Caesar Miniatures. So I got a couple sets of them.
My late war WWI German sets have been upgraded by the addition of a few Emhar German Infantry, German Artillery, and Caesar WWI Germans. Altogether I purchased about 40 boxes of troops at one time. Something to keep me busy in the rains.


Karcuss said...

A good haul have my Emhar Germans and Yanks and some Strelets Russians
with HAT but decided to get a box of one of each WW1 as there is a tonne of Eastern front Cavalry and maybe some extra Turks and Anzacs to do some more larger scale things,
And extra Turk Artillery to boost the Germans so with some Wagons etc and Emhar tanks and others will be able to do small scale raids ambushes and Scouting.

the rest is about what i would get not so many double triples and etc and the Mayan Inca, Concistador thing will do as well

As well as the Revell and Zvezda pike and shot units, and some winged hussars

Good Haul anyhow And the Zombies(?)
same idea post Nuclear etc

ModernKiwi said...

Hey Mike. It must be great to have all those different brands at one store. My only local store stocks only Italeri and Airfix and an occasional Zvedza set. If I want anything else, it's the internet for me.

Bunkermeister said...

Thanks Karcuss, I have got one box of the HaT Turks to give my WWI Germans some heavy guns. I got a bunch of the Airfix WWI tanks and a few metal St Chamound and Schneider ones too. I am trying to avoid the Eastern Front in WWI, and sticking with the US vs Germany in the west.

Bunkermeister said...

Pegasus Hobbies is the same folks who make Pegasus Models. They have their own stuff, and HaT, Revell, Italeri, Orion, RedBox, Lucky Toys, Caesar, Airfix, and I am trying to get them to carry Waterloo 1815 too. They are 45 miles from my house, so not quite walking distance.

Karcuss said...

Same thing with the turks but will do one box for them one for the Germans, Mixing my WW1 for all for fronts as the Germans no probs.
ANd as Hat will be doing a Major box for East Africa to add. Will be able to use everything even th MkI - iv etc are usable for Russian Civil War

And collecting most 1/72 anyhow, and am to do a major WW2 buy up as the tank riders and British Support units are going to appear


Bunkermeister said...

I have a few African items for Tarzan type scenarios. I will get more of the HaT WWI stuff from Africa, I have a few of their British Colonial.