Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Caesar Winter Germans Ykreol

YKRIP14 - SOLDATS ALLEMANDS. RUSSIE - 1944 This is the new set from Ykreol.

These two are my favorites in the set. One guy with wire cutters and one with a land mine. He can be clearing the mines or laying the mine. Some of this set are wearing caps and some have the hood up over helmets.

These are World War Two Germans who are in winter dress, all are in prone poses. They are very similar to the Caesar Winter Germans set.

There are ten poses in the set. They include prone men with a variety of gear and weapons. Several will work for engineers too. On the end we see a man with an entrenching tool and the other end a man with an ammo box. The ammo box guy would work for a machine gun loader for a prone or even kneeling figure.

These three include a man with a rifle, one with a knife and one with a hand grenade. There are ten poses, all prone. They are flash free, and made of a nice soft plastic. The figures design is similar to the old Mir line of figures, but unlike Mir, these guys are plastic, not resin and very nicely detailed.

I like this set and I certainly intend to get some more of them. If you have the Caesar Winter Germans, then you really need some of these guys to round out the set.


Al said...

Look good Any update on the Pegasus French?

Karcuss said...

good to see what they look like Mike
still half way between buying up old sprues and boxes, before i do the Ykreol buy up, But as these sets are new Good to see what you are getting for your buck.
So at least Odemars keeps living etc
Just need the German sets, So don't have to worry as still being cast


Bunkermeister said...

Hi Al, nice combined operations logo!

The Pegasus WWI and WWII French are still being worked up. The mold maker can't quite get the helmets to look right on all the figures. I have seen test shots on both sets and they are really, really nice, IMHO.

Larry tells me that they are still working on them.

Bunkermeister said...

My friend Yves at Ykreol set me those few samples and I really like them. They keep cranking out new stuff and that's good news.

Al said...

Thanks for the info Mike, the logo is my old unit patch.


Bunkermeister said...

More soldier reviews soon Al!