Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Toy Fair

Then Nurnberg Toy Fair is on now. It is the time of they year when model companies show off their new products for the next years or even longer. There have been several new releases from Italeri so far.

US Cavalry from the Indian Wars
Apache Indians
WWII German Paratroopers in tropical uniform

I wonder if these may be Revell's old figures, but don't know. I hope they are new figures.
WWII German Soldiers in winter uniform
WWII American Soldiers in winter uniform

All good stuff. The Strelets US Cavalry set is okay, but far from great. I have four of them, but if Italeri does a better set I would buy a bunch of them. The new Caesar Miniatures German Paratroopers are nice, and I just got about a dozen of them. Pegasus is still planning on a set of Paratroopers, but it will be a long time before we see them.

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