Saturday, February 27, 2010


Another one of my US Army Cold War supply units. The Gamma Goat served in the US Army for about 20 years, from about 1969 to about 1989. It was a very loud vehicle, but it could go almost anywhere; it could even swim, a little.

My makeshift halftrack in the Gamma Goat box.

Gamma Goats had a cargo and a shelter version. The shelter was usually some kind of communications gear.

The little tan vehicles are the M114. It is like a mini-M113. They were used for reconnaissance in the Cold War. The concept was that they would replace the Jeep. A small unarmed vehicle was not suited for Atomic Warfare.

Most M114 carried either a .50 caliber machine gun or a 20mm cannon. The vehicle had some mechanical problems and did not serve long. From what I have heard, when they were running, they were well liked.

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