Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I got this duece and a half at the drug store. It came with a bunch of other items, Jeep, bulldozer, and troops.

It has a nice camoflague job, but the wheels need painting.

It was really cheap. This is a good example of the kinds of items to look for when out shopping at dollar stores, drug stores, toy stores.

Here is the cheapo truck with a Roco two and a half ton truck.

The two and a half ton truck was built by several companies. During the Viet Nam War commerical heavy trucks from Japan were used by the US Army and ARVN. I plan on using a couple of these trucks for that. I got this truck several years ago, and wish I had gotten more.


GEM Team said...

toys stores are gr8 to find bargains. Nice truck

Bunkermeister said...

Yes, dollar stores too. It's all about keeping your eyes open when you go places.