Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Roco Panzer III & Art'y

This is my late World War II Panzer III's from Roco Minitanks.

Some of them have had horseshoe collars placed on them.

Many of them have extra parts glued on them. Tracks, jerry cans, even bicycles.

This is some of my infantry guns, and buses for WWII Germany.

A few howitzers and some Nebelwerfers. They are a mixture of Roco, Nitto and others.


David said...

Great selection of kits and gear. the blog is a great read and always good to see something new

you may be interested in mine...not sure

have a great day
David from Australia

Bunkermeister said...


Great photos and excellent model work. Thanks for sharing.

Karcuss said...

The Horseshoe you are refering to would be the armour that Panzer IV and Late III had as well the Shutzen
on the sides.

And as well where are the opposing fronts? Then again more likely in Africa and Italy etc, if up against the Yanks?

And the Eastern Front, Will have to get the Information on Most of the Heavy's stayed in the West and all the Panzers were on the East, Due to fluid nature of Combat and Counter attack you needed relaiable transmissions etc.


Bunkermeister said...

My collection includes both US and USSR units from WWII. There are some photos of them earlier on the blog. As I sort the collection and upgrade the storage, I will get to the other items.

The horseshoe is the turret armor for the Panzer IV and III. I added it to some of my Roco Panzer III since I generally do late war.