Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cold War Vehicles

Part of my Cold War collection includes actual Cold War vehicles. The BRDMs here are "Hot Wheels" type vehicles from the Eastern Bloc. I used to have pen pals in the pre- Internet days from Czechoslovakia. I would send them Japanese made model kits and they sent me these HO scale models of Soviet Bloc vehicles. They also included some plastic vehicles, including some of the trucks in this photo.

This PT-76 light tank is another one of these die cast HO scale vehicles, as is the Sagger ATGM carrier too.

The backbone of my Soviet Bloc / Warsaw Pact tank collection is that old workhorse, the Roco T-54 tank. Not only have I been buying them new forever, but I have gotten a few from used collections too. These tanks with Arabic markings will have the Arabic covered over by red decals or numeric decals.

This AVLB is another one of those vehicles. It is a really nice bridge. I also did some conversion work and put this bridge on some T-34 tanks too.

I added a few die cast vehicles from Matchbox and others to provide construction equipment to my Soviet forces. This group also includes the very old Roskopf BTR-152.


Karcuss said...

Just answered my own question from Yahoo groups about the trucks etc
and the Recon
Where would the BRDM etc be from

cheers Karcuss

Bunkermeister said...

The BRDM is another of those Cold War era Soviet Bloc vehicles that I got from a pen pal. It is die cast like a Hot Wheels or Matchbox car.