Monday, February 1, 2010


COL Jim and I paid a visit to my good friend Larry at Pegasus Hobbies, in Montclair, CA.

Pegasus is one of the few buildings that was actually built specifically as a hobby shop.

Their newest product is the space ship from the movie When Worlds Collide.

While the model scales out to about 1/350th scale, the kit is about the size of a V-2 missile in 1/72nd scale. It even looks a little like a winged V-2.

Like the V-1 rocket, this model rocket was designed to be launched from a ramp. It used a rocket booster sled to help get the speed up.

The model is an easy build kit, with no flash. This is a pre-production sample, Larry had about a half a dozen of them, in two versions. He is been working on it for over a year and has made many detail changes in the kit in that time. I suspect there will be a few of these on my wargame table.


GEM Team said...

I would love to visit too. ;( too far!!!An ocean and a whole country in between

Bunkermeister said...

When I am lucky, I get to visit Larry about once a month. Loads of fun learning about the new models.