Monday, February 15, 2010

Cold War Roco and Hot Wheels

Some of my Cold War US Army. Roco M106 mortar carriers, and M577 armored command post vehicles. I took a Hot Wheels 2 1/2 ton truck, removed the canvas cargo carrier body and replaced it with a Roco van body.

A few Roco Abrams and another view of the Hot Wheels trucks. Checking the toy departments at Target or other stores can sometimes yield some pretty nice vehicles.

I really like these Hot Wheels trucks. They cost me a dollar each, a pretty cheap way to build up a transportation unit. Durable and sturdy for wargaming.

A Boley Bradly. I use them for conversion work since they are so much cheaper than the Roco. Note the plastic box, I keep a small spares box in most of my vehicle boxes in case bits fall off or need to be added in the future, they are handy to the vehicles that need them.


paratrooper629 said...

Great collection!!!! I am trying to convert some hot wheels tanks into M8 Buford Armored Gun Systems
( Ho Scale ).Someone made some and sold them on ebay a year or so ago. Contacted owner to see if he would sell one or give me contact info for the person who made and sold them- no response.

Mike Creek said...

Thanks Paratrooper629. That seems an interesting conversion. Did you at least get the photos downloaded from eBay? I did a quick search but found nothing.

paratrooper629 said...

Links to photos of M8 Bufords

also- brazos evil empire blog- tanker Tuesday- strkers and AGS.

Mike Creek said...

Very cool stuff, Paratrooper629. I will have to check it out further.