Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Italeri Anti-tank

The rather strange Italeri Anti-tank Team set has finally made it to my loccal hobby shop. This guy is a WWII Russian soldier with a German Panzerfaust along with his rifle.

A very nice soldier figure in the padded jacket so common in Communist armies. The Russians kept German panzerfausts in production after they captured the factory.

This Soviet officer is a great figure, but has no real connection to anti-tank weapons. Still, a very good figure. Soldiers are plastic, 1/72nd scale, but a bit stocky.

The officer is calling and waving, a good way to encourage the troops.

An action packed soldier with a light machine gun. A very well sculpted figure, in a terrific pose. Again not much anti-tank in the pose, but still great!


Monty said...

Hello Bunker,

Love the Italeri ant-tankers - tell me mate,what is the consistency of the plastic used compared to typical similar kits out there?
It is the 'bendiness' of plastics that usually turn me away.
Cheers for any help,

Karcuss said...

Just be careful of that running the factory thing, as it takes technicians etc.
We had a good thing on this via Dresden and the factory there.
The panzerfaust and panzerschreck and ammunition as well as MP44 were in major supply and production so it would easy for the Soviets to use overrun stocks. And after the war they were being produced sure and became the RPG family
and such

cheers Karcuss

Bunkermeister said...

The plastic is rather rigid. In fact, one of my Russian machine gunners actually had a broken machine gun barrel.

Bunkermeister said...

The Soviets did use overrun stocks as well, in large numbers.

Near the end of the war, panzerfausts and other hand held
AT weapons were major killers of Soviet armor.