Saturday, November 7, 2009

Italeri Motorcycles

The new Italeri WWII German Motorcycle set in 1/72nd scale, plastic is very good. It would be great if there were 6 rather than 4 motorcycles, but oh well. The plastic does not take glue, but the flash free kit does not need glue. It snaps together very easily.

You get two each of two sprues. There are four motorcycles in the set, two with side cars and two without. The side car one has big holes in the side to take the pins from the sidecar.

There are two sprues like this that have the motorcycle crews. The figures are supposed to be Afrika Korps but most will work in other areas too. Since the crews are separate sprues from the bikes, I hope Italeri will do the same bikes in gray with a more Russian Front looking crew.

There are two choices for the side cars, one with light machine gun and one with SMG.

I got mine from Military Hobbies, a good old fashioned neighborhood hobby shop. They have been around for decades, but are under new management. The shop still has the local neighborhood appeal, but a much better selection of military kits. Lindy was very helpful when I was there shopping with my friend Jim.

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